Sibling Day 2012

Sibling Day 2012 brought us first to the Benjamin House. And you can get a look at the Shelbina Mansion and have a better understanding as to what we were doing.

Our brother, Warren has been doing some work on the mansion for the current owner, Mike. We were lucky enough to get a personal tour from Mike and his wife. They have taken on quite a project, but they absolutely love it. And as you'll see, working hard on it and doing a great job.

Here's my photo of the front of the house:

When you view the website and learn some interesting facts about the house, you'll find out that it had running water, during a time when houses didn't have this luxury. I loved the faucet, which is one of the original faucets from that period.

The faucet was not directly under the basin - it was turned to the right, just like you see it. Apparently, if I remember Mike correctly, you turned the faucet part to the basin and that's when the water would run out - gravity pull.

I noticed a similar photo on the website of the same thing I found interesting - the latch on the window.

Mike spent a lot of time showing us everything from the top look out area to the basement. I found it all fascinating. One of my favorite areas was the attic. I have a picture, but I'm not sure if I should show it as I don't see it on their website and I'm wondering if Mike is keeping it a surprise. It was so cool. Sorry to tease you about it. A perfect place for anyone creative.... oh the possibilities were endless that were going through my mind.

After we finished the tour, we headed to Macon to have lunch at AJ's. Warren said some tourist place recommended it. It was okay. I probably would have liked it a lot more if I hadn't bit down on something hard (but tiny) in my salad which immediately gave me a headache - not to mention a toothache for the rest of the day.

What we always manage doing during our Sibling Day is hitting an antique store or some flea market or some kind of eye catching place that will take our money. And in Macon, there was an antique mall. I spotted a huge 8 gallon crock that I thought was super-dooper cheap and couldn't pass up. Not after all the crock shopping I did after watching Julie and Julia. You know Ms. Childs' has many crocks that hold her kitchen utensils. This one is way too big for utensils. I'm not sure what we are going to do with it. We all managed to walk away with a few items.

After the antiquing fun, and another thing we try to fit in during our Sibling Day is having a treat - namely ice cream. Can you believe that there wasn't an ice cream joint to be found unless we wanted to travel a good 30 miles. We resorted to McDonald's and their McFlurry's - or at least that's what I think they're called. None of us are particular especially if that's the only ice cream around.

We then managed to find one more spot to check out, although it closed 15 minutes after we stepped in. Everything shuts down in these little towns by 6:00, even on Saturday night. We headed back to Warren's. Some cats on their property had kittens. Two litters.  

Now tell me these aren't the most adorable things ever? I guess I went a little crazy taking pictures.

Not sure if any of these grown cats are the parents of the litters, but... they were pretty cute looking too. Although I wouldn't give them Parent of the Year Award. They totally ignored these crying, hungry babies. I'm pretty sure they wanted to get the heck out of Dodge!

We sisters left Warren's and traveled the two and half hours to get back home, making one stop of course.

Oh, on the way up there, my nephew, Josh would have been so proud hearing his Aunt Lynn belt out a few songs along with Adelle (I don't know this artist, if I have her name spelled correctly or not). I changed the words of course, but we won't mention my lyrics... but I believe I got a chuckle or two out of my two di-di's. (Di-di is another word for sister... created by my two daugthers.)

I'm not sure if I have forgotten anything, but there you are... Sibling Day 2012.