Sibling Day 2009

We went to Nauvoo, Illinois. Since we stopped to get Warren north of Hannibal, we headed straight north in Missouri. We crossed into Iowa, passed through the town of Keokuk, then crossed the river into Illinois. Remember seeing the big drifts of water lillies in the river? That was oddest thing to me, but a man on the tour explained the water is very shallow and where the lillies stop, the water drops off. It was a Mormon settlement, or was, until they were all driven away. The remaining or rebuilt houses (mostly from logs) represent all the different trades the town had. We toured the brick maker and got a free mini souvenier brick, the wheelwright and got a free souvenier prairie diamond ring (an artfully bent horseshoe nail) and we toured several other buildings. We had dinner in Keokuk on the way home--had trouble finding a restaurant that wasn't fast food. It was a fun day. Sorry, this is all off the top of my head. I'm sure if I had taken the time, a nice little story would have developed. I'm learning to do things as the moment presents itself, otherwise it's gone and doesnt' get done. So I may re-do this whole article sometime.

New Pictures - Sibling Day 2009

Here are the pictures from Sibling Day 2009.

Okay, let's see how good my memory is, uh... not so good. I can't remember where we ended up on Sibling Day. I know we drove through three states to get to our final destination and there was a big religious organization founded there. I can't seem to bring up the name of that either. Once someone tells me, it'll all come flooding back. Maybe.

This is (left to right for those of you that don't know us), Suzanne, Warren and Ruth and a very cute picture by the way.

At any rate, the photo's were taken along the river's edge before we made it to our destination and unfortunately there wasn't anyone around other than the four of us to shoot the picture. So we have three of us and three of us. That made perfect sense. One shot is our back side, the one I prefer, that shows the order of our age: (first of four = 1/4 (that being the oldest sibling Suzanne), second of four = 2/4 (Warren), third of four = 3/4 (me, Lynn) and fourth of four = 4/4 (the only whole one, Ruth).

We started something new by wearing matching Tshirts. Ruth is the artistic one who creates some kind of design or she has her husband, Bud do it. One year he airbrushed the design. I think those were the Tshirts from Sibling 2008, purple in color and the same year we surprised Sue for her 60th.

Dark green is the color were shooting for in 2010, I think. Start thinking of some kind of design. Anyone out there wanting to suggest anything, feel free.


I read L's post about St. Patty's Day and the picture of Mom in Weidinger's with the soldier. The soldier is Leo Theisman, owner of Florissant Auto Paint. In that store is where the original picture hung for decades.

The mystery is who took the picture. Dad is the suspected photographer since he's not in the picture. Dad liked to take pictures. But it made me wonder the circumstance of the photo.

Maybe Leo had a thing for Mom. Maybe they were drinking buddies. I can imagine Mom being a fun drunk. Maybe Leo wanted a pretty woman in the picture of a favorite place to hang out, one that he could look at while off to war--happy memories with fun people.

Where was everybody else? Was it the beginning of the night, or the end? I think Leo is dead, but I wonder if his kids would know anything about it? In all likelihood, probably the same as us--there's dad in the picture, but I don't know who the woman is.

Every picture tells a story, but this one is keeping its stories a secret.

Updates Needed

L, you're doing a great job with keeping up on your daily posts. You are inspiring.

In looking at this blog, I think we need to post an updated picture and perhaps a few updates. And there's nothing about Sibling Day 2009. I'll have to work on that. Or add to it--depending on which sibling beats me to it.

On a more personal note, I'm going to start yet another blog. Oh no, you say, not another blog to follow. E-gads. Well this one will be temporary, but I feel it will keep me more motivated if the "world" is watching. I've decided to start a running program. The blog will be about my running adventure and how far I get. Once I get to a point of accomplishment, or failure, the blog will be done.

One Year

I just read L's blog--how wonderful. Darn it--wish it were my idea. Signed up as a follower of course and then realized I never "followed" our sibling blog. I re-read all the posts and discovered I started it on March 12. Happy Anniversary blog.

Beef Bourguignon Dinner

Dinner with friends, here's the table setting and the apple tart (second time).

Forgot to take pictures of the Beef Bourguignon and Gratin Jurassian. Not sure of the spelling of either of those. French for Beef Stew and Scalloped Potatoes with heavy cream and cheese. And forgot to take pictures when the friends arrived :-(


My daughters, Rita and Jessica, and I went antiquing one day. I wanted a few more crocks (Rita thought I meant the kind you wear on your feet) to hold my kitchen utensils. The one I had (long before I saw the movie Julie & Julia) was getting full. I couldn't believe the price of crocks - the real old ones anyway. The one I have (that has Home Made 1 cent Pickles printed on it) if I saw one that size in any antique store, it was a minimum of $90 on up to $180. Hang on to your crocks.

Scalloped Potatoes and Chicken

Tonight I decided to try a few more recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. We have the scalloped potatoes uncooked, then cooked. The clarified butter, the uncooked chicken parmesan and then the chicken cooked. I would revise the recipe for the chicken as it was too buttery, if you can believe that. Now the scalloped potatoes were awesome, but how could they not be with real (heavy) cream, butter and Guyere cheese.