French Dinner 6 (random stuff)

While preparing the dinner, I took some random pictures. My black-eyed-susan's from my garden. My bugar boy who separates my eggs, and the egg white leaks out of his nose like snot. Kids love this guy. It's pretty. That thing on top of his head is the vanilla bean that was used in the creme brulee.
My little "sweet" picture - I was actually snapping a shot of what is in front of it, a hunk of butter. Don't ask me why.
Then there were the few accidents I had. I was drying off my 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup when it fell out of my hand and I watched it bounce once on the floor (it felt like it was in slow motion) and I was amazed that it didn't break, and remembered, oh yeah, it's Pryex, that stuff doesn't break. Then it bounced again and boom! it all shattered. Less than an hour later, after I removed the creme brulee from the water in the 9x12 Pryex pan, I carried it over to the sink to empty the water. It slipped and Bang! splattered in the sink. Wow, broke two Pyrex dishes within an hour of each other. Had never broken one before!
There's some herbs from the garden too. And the butter for the French bread!

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