French Dinner 8 (decorations)

Here's some of the decorations and the table setting. I moved out all of the furniture that was in the greenhouse area except for the glass end tables (that held the wine display on one and the cake on the other). Our regular kitchen table is actually two tables pushed together, so I moved one of them into the greenhouse. I moved the CD player that was in the garage into the area to play the French music. You can see it sitting under the table that's holding all the candles (last picture). The CD player in the living room doesn't work and the other stereo doesn't have a CD player. Once Norm got home and I went to get him, I had him take a seat. I went to get the "la salade" and the CD quit working. We had a short interruption while we fixed the music. I was grateful as the music helped with the overall ambiance.

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